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 We are doing this on a shoe string budget so to speak and keeping it as simple as possible for all concerned while making it practical to best support the mission by those who wish to be involved in this community project.

For CB Associate Membership applicants - in question number one please tell us your years of CB Radio On-Air Experience in place of the Ham Callsign.

Mail applications to:  M7WDX   

In the subject please enter EmComms Registration

Before you begin completing the registration questions, please tell us if we were recommended to you by a Ham Radio Operator and if so what is his / her Last Name and CALLSIGN?  Thank you!


Once your registration is approved and processed you will receive a EmComms Org Members eCard

 You can also request an email redirect inbox:  First Name.Callsign  

 The address to use ONLY for the bespoke email box is different than the registration email box.

 We have done this to make Admin duties lighter and more efficient, please use this just for the email request ... mailto:

 Already registered and want one of the new email redirect boxes at Emcomm.Radio 'Your FIRST NAME or NICK NAME  and  YOUR CALLSIGN '


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