International organization supporting International Amateur Radio and CB Radio EmComm

local area groups and formal organizations, emergency and public services, offices and officials.

Radio From Home auxillary, licensed amateur radio operators who can or can not deploy.

We welcome both Ham Amateur Radio and CB radiooperators so as to further the local areas EmComms reach.

As of 17 April 2023 EmComms Organization was designated as the Official International POC for AUXCOMM USA,



"The first 24 hours in any event is the most critical time. EmComms Org is intended to be an International network and auxillary of RFH (radio from home) amateur radio operators. It is not intended to replace any formal EM COMMS entity in any country, rather a resource to be tapped as needed by local agencies and or formal emcomms groups needing assistance from those in the immediate local area or region of a major event".


 RFH Amateur Radio operators who wish to be of assistance during times of local emergency, local natural disasters or local communications disruptions to include floods, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, land slide, tsunami and other major events to include but not limited to civil disorder events.

 Be aware that any disaster or event could potentially be or could become overwhelming in scope, duration, complexity and size of event so as to exceed the local / national emergency services and providers capabilities to respond appropriately initially.

 Wishing to be of assistance by those who are not mobile, disabled or otherwise unable to participate away from their homes or local area. Here we attempt to fill the information communications void to allow for community involvement by HAM Amateur Radio Opertors who desire to be of assistance to local Amateur Radio EmComm Groups, authorites, agencies and responsible national / international government bodies.

 Remote communities may have such an event as to create the immediate need for communications to gain and initially coordinate outside assistance and resources in time of emergency. Here again HAM Radio Operators can be a valuable asset to local government.


 Speaking of HT ( 70cm & 2m ) for a moment, having 3 or 4 charged up battery packs ready to go is always a good idea.


To be of value every interested RFH EmComms HAM operator needs to self train in emcomms procedures and protocols using online training sites (see links).

Use the KiSS principles

KEEP it Short

Use the approved frequencies for your country / region for EmComm  transmissions, keeping your PTT time minimal so as to keep that frequency open for other stations to use.

KEEP it Short and Simple

Think about what you want to say before transmitting. Give only the facts you know to be true / accurate and first hand or provided directly to you by local authority / trusted source. You do not want to provide incorrect details that could delay first responders. When you don't know the answer to a question you simply say 'unknown at this time.

 Keeping a log of transmissions in such situations can be valuable during and after an event to help prepare for the next such event by those responsible such as Raynet in the UK and FEMA in the USA.


 Below you will find our growing list of EmComms Links to assist any local RFH HAM station operator. Please contirubute to the links listings when possible as we grow this online resource library.


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Links and Video Resource Library


Education makes you a valuable resource. Your are encouraged to train in at least the basic skills of EmComms and CERT. Ongoing training is the best way to stay up to date.



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USA  The National Association for Amateur Radio -  ARRL  American Radio Relay League

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Community Emergency Response Team

EmComm Training Module


DEMENTIA - The Herbert Protocol PDF

Useful form with vital informaiion of and for people with dementia at risk of going missing. Visit the website with more information on the protocol concept and the PDF form to download and complete should this ever happen.



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